Modern life has become all about technology. The massive advancement in the mobile technology has worked as a catalyst for spreading technology in every sphere of human life and commercial world. Travel and tourism industry is also led by technology.  Travel technology has enabled the travel agents to offer services from anywhere. Even, the travelers are allowed to make changes to their trips as per their requirements. Advanced travel portal development has been taking the industry to the heights of success.

There are three technology trends that are ruling the industry right now, such as Mobile Technology, Global Distribution System or GDS, and Social Media.

Mobile Technology:

We all know how the millennial generation is crazy for the latest mobile technology. Most of the youths want to utilize the advantages of travel opportunities in order to explore new places and experience different aspects of traveling.  Mobile technology has taken travel portals to the millions of travelers around the world. The rise of new and high tech mobile phones has enabled a user to use the Internet and book flight tickets, hotel room, and rental car or bus services.

Global Distribution System:

Global Distribution System or GDS is a platform that provides the travel portals and their clients with access to travel data, shop travel products, and comparing reservation options. With the help of GDS, travel agents can access the inventory of hotels, airlines, rental cars, and certain rental transport services. The agents can also schedule a tour through GDS. Independent online agents, travel agencies are now prone to using more sophisticated GDS system to find the best available travel and accommodation services and rates. Agents can easily avail the real-time flight and hotel reservation services for the clients to help them search and book the services in a few minutes.

Social Media Integration:

In this digital era, most of the time, we spend our leisure hours on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These platforms have revolutionized the way people interact with each other. They have changed the way the companies engage with and the way they transact with their potential clients. A social network is a great tool for searching customer reviews, recommendations in an easy and less time-consuming way. Online travel portals must reap the optimal benefits of social media as a key tool to communicate with the potential customers 24/7 and promote their business in the best possible way.

No travel company can survive without the help of a proper social media strategy. Travelers often tend to share their travel experiences on the social platforms in the forms of video, links, other important pieces of content that reflect their experience.  Travel agencies can leverage these pieces of information to understand the consumers’ trends and preferences and tailor their offers, updates, and packages accordingly.

A Final Takeaway

Technology will be able to pay you when they will be utilized in the proper way. Therefore, travel agencies should properly use technology from the very initial stage of travel portal development. For instance, you should ask your travel technology providers to implement social media integration at the time of development. If you act wisely, these three travel technology will help you gain more profits.

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