With technology advancing at a bombarding speed, the landscape of hotel distribution channel is mushrooming rapidly. OTA’s are concentrating more on enhancing their distribution channel and merging with hoteliers from all over the globe to build a proper strategic platform to comply with the various needs of the market. The true definition of a perfect itinerary is not only booking flight tickets, a perfect itinerary must consist of flight or train, bus (whatever mode of transport the traveler wants to take), accommodation, sightseeing (in case of tourism), corporate services (In case of a business meet or conference). Connecting their existing web-based network with the largest inventory of aviation and hotel industry is a crucial task and OTA’s must consider few things if they want to make it bigger in the industry. Technology is advancing and to cope-up with the latest market pace, OTA must utilize the technological innovations.

It is not necessary that only OTAs can distribute the hotel services, even hoteliers can shell out themselves to gain customer loyalty. Various trends have come to the fore that the industry has already made a note of. Here, we will discuss about some noteworthy trends that are going to be effective in future.

Merge with more and more distribution channel: As more and more OTAs mark their presence across the industry, more and more travelers are coming forward to utilize the services provided by them. Looking at the growing interest of the travelers to buy travel services from such distributive channels, hoteliers have chosen this particular platform to sell their products. This collaboration is not only benefitting the travelers as they are getting everything under one vend, but even the OTAs and hoteliers are earning more profit. It has been witnessed that the core plan to increase the revenue of hotels, starts from establishing a long-term relationship with a wide array of distribution channels.

Utilization of metasearch sites: Metasearch works as an effective marketing tool for both travel product suppliers and distribution channels. Its use has increased by the time, as modern travelers like to search and compare the quality of services through such channels. It is evident that modern people prefer buying products after a thorough research on online platform and thus utilizing metasearch engines to promote their business have become beneficial for OTAs and hotels.

Reducing distribution costs: OTAs charge 15-20% commission for each booking from the hoteliers that get generated from their platform. It eats up a huge portion of the profit of hoteliers and to reduce this cost maximize more traffic into their website, appropriate steps have been taken. Having Hotel XML API Integration reduces the cost and ensures maximum profit in sales.

OTAs an amazing platform to sale services: When hoteliers sales their product through OTAs, it maximize the sales rate. It generates large volume of bookings for the hoteliers. To make their services easily accessible, OTA’s are utilizing various software solutions into their existing website and mobile application that helps hotelier gain maximum business.

The industry is gearing up and we might see new latest trends that are going to rule in near future, which might change the visage of the industry. Blog Source

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