With the progress of technology and the growing number of travelers, travel agents are facing problems in managing high number of bookings. Herein lays the importance of an online travel portal. Reliable B2B white label travel portal development companies introduce advanced and most-effective features that lead a travel agency to its goals. These companies should provide a flexible booking experience for the travel agents. If you are thinking of adopting highly functional B2B white label software, then you need to focus on a few features in particular. This article has listed 5 features you can’t afford to miss.

Let’s have a look at these most-effective features:

1.Simple Three Step Search & Book Experience

It is very important to simplify the search process. In this fast-paced world, no one is going to wait for a long time. To make the step search quick and simple, most of the properties and inventories must be mapped properly in the system. Three major processes of searching, booking and payment should take no more than a few seconds to be completed. Apart from this, up-to-date information about the hotels and airlines should be made available to the travelers on the go. An ideal B2B white label travel portal should always make these functions easy: adding agents and customized markups, sales of own inventory, and getting in touch with a wide target audience.

2.Full Control over Ticket Booking & Agents in the Back Office

An effective B2B white label online platform should offer you a complete control over assigning rights, markups and suppliers, sending registration and activation emails, access control for agents and a number of other advanced agent settings. It should make searching simple. No matter what the viewer is searching (existing bookings, complete reservation details, paid supplier status) it should be simple. Businesses should be made able to exercise control over other functions like cancellation, transfers, group tours etc.

3.Complete Control over Back Office & System

Back office is the heart of any business; travel agency is no exception. A B2B white label travel portal should manage back office users, rights and profiles in the right manner. It should offer the functionalities that are mandatory for the travel agents. It should help a travel business manage payment gateways, preferred destinations, nationalities, currencies, exchange rates, discounts, markups, and offers.

4.Auto Processes, Auto Cancellation & Auto Re-scheduling

Earlier, travel agents needed to open a number of windows and frequently check the dichotomies caused by the differences in the rates, destinations, and inventories. It required the travel agents open tabs and check everything manually. These days, auto reconciliation has been minimizing the complexities of the process by providing the travel agents with an opportunity of viewing all the varieties at one place and search the variance for future reference. Apart from this, auto-cancellation and auto re-scheduling features save a lot of time and efforts.

5.Handling of Complex Operations

An ideal B2B white label travel portal should make the travel agents handle extremely complex operations without any hassle while at the same time the agents should be provided with complete power over the entire travel business process; so that the business can deal with it from anywhere, anytime.

A Final Takeaway

A B2B white label platform can serve the travel agencies in the best way if all of the aforementioned features can be implemented in reality.

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