The last decade has witnessed the emergence of technology and its impact on mankind. No one can deny the manifestation that how latest technological evolution is transforming the visage of tours and travel sector. As a Travel Technology Provider, we have noticed the new trends in the industry which is beneficial for both travel agencies and travelers.

As we are stepping into another new year, it is high time to understand the ground zero reality of how to keep pace with the growing market. So here are the 5 trends that are going to rule the travel industry in 2019.

Personalization will remain the top priority

As a travel service distributor, you should understand how to get customer’s insights from data. Companies that want to succeed must anticipate the traveler’s needs and proactively address the challenges and rectify all the previous mistakes. Although some savvies have already improved the customer experience through significant investment on their online presence, but to satisfy all the requirements of customer can be done only with high-tech solution.

Collaborating with travel suppliers to consolidate all the features under one roof

To flourish in the travel industry, a travel agency can’t alone achieve success. They have to collaborate with the largest inventory of all size and shapes. From the biggest airlines to small air carrier, hotels, lodge or resort of every nook and corner, bus, train, car or train services should be your prime responsibility. But how will you get in touch with them? GDS API or Global Distribution System is enabling both the travel product suppliers and distributors to aggregate under one roof to yield the best possible services to the end-customers.

Online reservation system

Today, 75% travel bookings are done through online reservation system. Whether booking tickets for flight, bus, or reserving a room in a hotel of any location, a traveler has now the perfect opportunity to review a great variety of deals with a simple click and select the one which meet their requirement and preference the most.

Mobile apps will continue to be dominant for few more years

There’s no denial that mobile applications have boosted in the proliferation of any business. The travel and tourism industry has seen how mobile is ruling the industry in terms of facilitating the travelers with all the travel related searches. From searching for the best suited flights and hotels along with the booking the searched results can be done easily and instantly with mobile applications.

Augmented and virtual reality

It allows the traveler to digitally get into virtual surroundings of the place he or she is going to visit, be it a hotel or any tourist spot. Augmented reality presupposes augmenting a person’s real surrounding. The main advantage of this new technology in travel industry is, it is cheaper. Thus having only a tablet or smart phone (which generally everyone has) with strong internet connection, the traveler can get more about the location. A building or a landmark, he is in real time. This possibility of getting all the necessary information while on a tour to an unknown place, allows the travel companies to offer better travel experience to the clients.

Now, when you are aware of the current trends, which fuel the current travel developments, you should concentrate on developing your own progressive digital strategy to make the most in the market.

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