Currently, the whole travel industry is ruled by Global Distribution System or GDS. There are three most popular GDS which are Amadeus API integration, Galileo API integration, and Sabre API integration. Amadeus API integration provides a technology that has kept the industry moving. Earlier, the travel industry was limited only to initial search to book a service.

Now, everything ranging from ticket pricing to reservation management has been possible due to the advancement of technology named Amadeus API integration. This system is operated in almost 195 countries with a talented pool of more than 11,000 people across the world. It provides IT solutions and services that can address the major requirements regarding sales, booking and ticketing, departure management, inventory control and e-commerce.

All the reputed travel portal development companies in India provide consulting, and developmental services for all the aspects of B2B and B2C Amadeus GDS API integration or Amadeus XML. Amadeus software includes Amadeus Airline Reservation System for air booking, Amadeus hotel booking system for accommodation, Amadeus bus & rail booking system, Amadeus cruise system etc.

Key Features of Amadeus API Integration:

         Flight XML API integration for Domestic & International

         Bus API integration

         Car API integration

         Holiday Packages Management

         Agent Registration

         Sale Report

         My Booking

         Hotel Booking CRM

         Addition of Fund or e-wallets

         SMS API integration

         Quick View Booking

         Chat API Integration

         Discount Coupons for Agents

         Booking Management Module

         Special Deals

         Trip Advisor Plugin Integration

         Payment Gateway Integration

         Agent Login

         Customer Login

         Markup Management Module

         Discount Management Module

         User Management Module

A Final Takeaway

The main purpose of Amadeus GDS integration is to fulfill the requirements of the modern travelers. The system starts with a searching price that is flowed by the booking system and the real issuance of tickets along with all the essential complementary services including the changes in management, check-in and misc. services etc.

If you want to offer your customers a better experience, you need to consider Amadeus GDS API integration without further delay.

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