Travel industry is overhyped and why not to be? The rapid escalation of the industry due to advancement in technology has seen tremendous effect on various aspects of online booking system. People are relying more and more on internet to book flights and hotels. But unlike other industry, travel industry has its own set of challenges to tackle with. The challenges need to be addressed and travel technology provider and OTAs are trying their best to overcome this situation.

The challenges faced by the OTAs are:

Less connectivity                        

Internet is the most reliable source for the travelers to gather any information about the destination prior to their visit and apart from this, the present day travelers book their travel itinerary through internet only. But Asia and other parts of the world are facing slow network connectivity and due to which people shift to the traditional mode of offline booking. There are many who prefer to directly contact the airlines and hotels to reserve their preferred service as for them it is more convenient and safe to directly talk to the airlines and hotels. So, travel agencies are moving towards simpler design for their website. Simple design allows their website and app to load faster without compromising the user experience.

Monotonous and long booking process

People are driving to OTAs as it takes less time to book a ticket. Though, a traveler can book and reserve their preferred services provided by the OTAs from anywhere anytime, but it takes a long time to search for the best-suited services which still remains as a major draw-back of online travel portal software. But thanks to new features introduced to the websites and apps as now users can select their convenient and best-suited facilities through filter. They can get only the products they want to have.

Synchronizing the several services

Once, travelers used to book rooms which are unavailable and it later causes to unpleasant situation. Earlier, it was difficult to update on the available rooms in hotel and seats in flight, but now airlines and hotels are able to provide live XML feed to the travel agents and they refer the updated data to the end-customer.

Despite all these drawbacks, the travel industry is going rapidly and we can’t be more grateful to the latest advancement in technology. Making the online booking process more and more user-friendly, OTAs along with their travel technology provider is working hard for the best solution and the process of integration of new features will continue.

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