Cheap fixed departure management system

Cheap Fixed Departure

Flight fixed departure, series fare, private fare, pre-purchase fare, group departure fare, all are different name for same thing. 

A fixed departure management system or flight extranet is a functionality that enables the admin to enter all the ticket’s PNR that is pre-booked in bulk. These are the pre-made bookings done by the owner for a specific sector and for a specific period. On booking the tickets, a PNR for that particular sector is provided by the supplier, and the same is uploaded from admin and these tickets are shown through the search engine result.

Let’s find out what actually this mean.

Fixed Departure 

Bulk flight seats purchased in advance from an airline for a particular sector of a particular flight number at a specific departure date and time without giving passenger names to the airline. 

  • It can be of one way or round trip.
  • Mostly purchased for tour packages.

Example – A tour operator purchases a round trip (Delhi- Bangkok -Delhi) sector from GoAir mentioned in the picture for his 4 night and 5 days Thailand package.

Series Fare

Approach For Series Fare

The general process to purchase a series fare from airline is explained below

STEP 1 : Send an email to airline or send a request through their portal if they have any request system for group fare. 

STEP 2 : They will quote you for your query.

STEP 3 : To confirm it you have to pay either 25% of total fare or the cancellation amount of total fare whichever is higher.

STEP 4 : Start selling your fares. 

 1. You can publish it on your portal. The agents or customer interested can buy from there.

 2. Sell your fixed departure tour.

 3. Offer it to your walk in client.

STEP 5 : Pay the remaining amount on D minus 21 (21 days prior to departure date).

STEP 6 : Send the name of passengers to airline on D minus 7 (7 days prior to departure date).

Note : These are not universal rules for all airline, some airlines may have different process. Anyone can request for group fare.

As it is said higher the risk higher the profit. If you deal in series fare you can earn high profit margin than the normal fare. But if they remain unsold you have to bear all the loss. 

If your fares are not sold-out completely and you don’t see any possibility of it in near future through your regular sales channel, then you can put in on a marketplace to sell the series fares.

TBO and Akbar are some of the popular marketplace in India to sell your series fares.

Types Of Fixed Departure Management System

Fixed Departure Management System

A system where you can manage all your pre-purchased inventory to showcase and sell it further to your customers is called fixed departure management system.

If you want to step into the niche of fixed departure sale you can get a portal developed by a travel technology company to showcase your fare available.

Marketplace Management System

In this system not only the admin but agents registered on the website can sell the series fare to the customer.

Management/Marketplace System With API Integration

In this system series fare results and API results can be combined and displayed on the portal. 

The benefit of this system is if you are not having a series fare of customers’ desired sector he still can buy normal flight API fare through your portal.

If you have any query regarding series fare please comment we’ll be happy to help you.

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