Corporate Booking Tool [CBT]

Corporate Booking Tool

Before we understand the corporate booking tool let’s understand

How this concept came into existence?

A trip planned for work or business reason like meeting, conference, trade fair and incentive travel is referred as a business travel or business trip. But now who will manage travel arrangement for a conference or event of an unknown destination? Of course you need an experienced travel agent to plan the travel itinerary. 

A detailed itinerary plan which lets business traveller know about the business trip timeline is called business travel itinerary. Details such as Onward and return flight, hotel check in check out, transfer pick up and drop, sim card, dining, meeting and insurance are some components of business travel itinerary. It helps traveller to keep track of travel details. If it is planned in advance it can save a lot time wasted in search of good accommodation or decent dine out place while trip. It also eliminate extravagance due to last moment planning.

So, Corporates having high movement of executives and employees for work reasons always need a corporate travel planner. Here comes the work of experienced travel agents. Some travel agents have niche of corporate travel booking only. Every professional needs tool to do their jobs, so do travel agents.

What is Corporate Booking Tool ?

The tool used to support and enhance the experience of corporate travel booking is called corporate booking tool. It provides a platform to build the business travel itinerary to travel desk for executives or executives can build for themselves. Moreover the travel agent can also build the itinerary on companies behalf after approval.

Nature of CBT

When we talk about corporate booking tool, it is a very regulated tool. Unlike a monotonous tool of customer booking having set 4-5 necessary steps(search, select, enter traveller details and pay). 

In corporate booking environment every corporate have different set of rules of travel policies department wise, grade wise and may be approval types to name a few. Moreover the travel agency in very same portal may differentiate corporates on the basis of payment, employees, services, service charge levied, GST inclusive or exclusive terms. 

All these aspects which influence the CBT portal were written not to confuse you but to give an idea about the complexity of corporate portal development.


So, travel agencies going for such type of travel portal development have to be very cautious while selecting the travel portal development company. Without seeing the demo of the current system developed please don’t move further with custom requirements. 

It is very necessary for travel agency to interact with all their corporates to streamline all the desired and important features of CBT, after all they will be the one using portal. Moreover travel agency must consider the future aspects and trends as it will be a one time development. Though you can get the system customised at later stage but why not try to setup all at once.

Now let’s have a look at Benefits of Corporate booking tool.

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