The travel industry is now achieving new dimension. With everyday progress in the travel technology travel agents are now trying to provide the comfortable means to the travellers. Being technology driven the industry has now been simplified for the travellers but the agents are now facing lot of competition.

 To keep in accordance with the needs and desires of the industry agents are supposed to go with white label solution. It is something that would boost up the services and live updates on the website. Travel portals are differentiated into two main things, one is B2B travel portal and another one is B2C travel portal. Below we are pointing out the main differences between B2B and B2C Travel portal.

Order Repetition: As B2B is business centric travel portal in which the portal is dealing with the business house directly hence there is always a chance of getting the repeated order from the same customer but the same does not follows with the B2C travel portal. The traveller may or may not get back to the company.

Customer Satisfaction Theme Specific: When we compare between B2B and B2C travel portal then the biggest difference that emerges out to be is that the B2B travel portal is completely customer centric. The promotion of the website is totally dependent on the needs and desires of the customer but the same does not goes on with B2B travel portal and it turns out to be bit boring and totally business specific.

Search Functions: When we come to the search pages of B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal then the biggest difference that comes out is that it’s search page. The search functions are totally different. Like there would be the option of bulk or group booking in B2B travel portal but this function would not be available in B2C portal.

Technical Aspect: When comparing the technical aspect of B2B and B2C Travel portal, then the link methodology used in both are also very different. In B2B virtual private network is used but it is not same with B2C travel portal.

So, these are few of the major differences between white label B2B and B2C travel portals. Depending on the business size and the focussed targeted customers the travel portal should go with the reliable choice for the same.

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