Information technology and travel industry have become indivisible these days. Gone are those days of paper airline tickets. The evolution of electronic processing technologies has brought GDS API integration that offers new IT solutions.  GDS system uses simple XML infrastructure and protocols to reduce the costs sustained by the hardware and telecommunication system. Apart from these, it also reduces the cost of support and development. Two major GDS APIs are Amadeus API integration and Galileo API integration. Both of these two systems are functioned through the commands that are cryptic to the general public as well as the agents.

Galileo API Integration

Galileo plays a significant role in the airline and hotel booking system. It can connect to all airline booking systems of the reputed airlines. It provides desktop solutions and XML services to connect to the core database. Galileo GDS provides you access to the worldwide carriers at a high speed and low-cost and multi-source content with a single API.

Amadeus API integration

Amadeus API integration takes your travel services to a unique and individual marketplace where your business can meet potential clients from different parts across the globe. It offers the biggest GDS and enables the travel agency to compile a number of requirements of the travelers, budget-friendly business flyers.

Similarities & Differences

In both of the cases, the main purpose is meeting the demands of the travelers. Both in Amadeus and Galileo API integration, each trip planning starts with searching prices flowed by the booking process and the actual issuance of tickets including all the relevant complementary services such as the change management, dealing with check-in and offering misc. services. What does matter most for the travel agencies? Selling flight and hotel tickets matter most for the travel agents while carriers attempt at maintaining the competitiveness.

There are certain remarkable differences in the command entries of Galileo and Amadeus GDS API integration systems. Differences can be seen in the ticket re-validation. GDS Amadeus enables the travel agents to offer additional services such as local time airport orientation maps, weather forecast, and metro maps. GDS Galileo, on the other hand, uses the last name of the airline passengers and the booking code to provide the travel agents with access to all the required information. Galileo is able to provide access to its terminal through

A Final Takeaway

In conclusion, it can be said that Amadeus and Galileo GDS API have some similarities as well as some differences. GDS Amadeus is simpler than Galileo in displaying the flight class. It does not require memorizing the entries, unlike the Galileo. Galileo GDS API is free, unlike GDS Amadeus API. It provides easy online access to its services while Amadeus makes a client SW to be installed.

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