Humans are capable of adopting the changes caused by the evolution. That’s the secret of being the best creature on this planet. The same is applicable to the world of business. The everyday business climate is remarkably changing and only those businesses can survive who keep up with the latest trends and tricks. Like every industry, travel has also been going through massive transformation. It’s no more an offline affair. To draw the attention of a larger audience, travel agencies are going digital. If you are an online travel agency, you need to act instantly in order to survive successfully during this revolutionary technological transformation in the sphere of travel and tourism. Global Distribution System or GDS has already become an integral part of the travel industry. Now, the industry is all set to soar high with Galileo API integration.

Galileo has been defined as a computer reservation system (CRS) that was introduced by Travelport. It dates back to the year 1971 when the United Airlines developed its first computerized central reservation system known as Apollo. As the market demand for Sabre and Apollo was sky-kissing,Galileo was developed to acquire market share in the commercial field of travel and tourism services. Galileo API integration is a classy business management system that is widely used to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, trains, buses, and cars etc. In other words, Galileo is a virtual gateway to a wide spectrum of content options, exact pricing capabilities, and highly functional booking tools.

Galileo API Integration Adds Value to Travel Business Management-Here’s how:

- Galileo GDS API integration solutions bridge the gulf between the travel agents and the travel service providers through various channels. It minimizes the expenses for both sides; even the travelers are also benefitted by this GDS integration. According to the market experts, Galileo is the harbinger of innovative airline software solutions. You can expect effective airline management solutions along with data intelligence products from the reputed International airline service providers. You will be provided with advanced facilities such as customer management, e-ticket booking, and ground handling.  Apart from these,Galileo Desktop facilitates online booking and status update, online shopping,business management system etc. The best thing is you are allowed to easily customize your Galileo API integration solutions as per your business requirements.

- Galileo 360 Fares is a web application for fare management that offers current airfares and smart solutions meant for the private fare of your agency. It makes sure that the travelers will get the most reasonable fare and they will have no need of rebooking the lower classes in hope of a pocket-friendly fare. Galileo GDS system also allows the travelersto access the major rental car service providers across the world through a desktop software application named “CarMaster”. This application connects the travelers to the rental car service providers and keeps the travelers updated with information about the current rates, availability, and confirmation details.

- Since Galileo API integration offers a Carbon Tracker allowing the clients to calculate and analyze carbon dioxide emissions for air travel and all the grounds, it is an eco-friendly technology.

A Final Takeaway

From the above discussion, the reasons behind the emerging popularity of Galileo GDS API integration solutions are crystal clear.Galileo API integration adds value to travel business management by organizing all the most-required travel services and making the communication among travel agencies, travel service providers, and travelers easier.

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