Planning to start a new travel business or already having a travel agency, you have to understand the fact that, if you want to take your business to greater heights, you must consider to building an online platform for your agency that can promote your business among audience. Due to lack of information and knowledge about the latest demand in the industry, most travel agencies don’t like to invest in developing a travel portal.

But do you know the exact travel portal development cost? Well, obviously it may vary company to company who are developing websites and applications. Apart from that, the cost also depends on the design and layout of your website and mobile-friendly application, along with how much features you want to integrate.

Generally, there are two types of portal developments: B2B and B2C and there is not a huge difference in expenses between these two. Since, the approximate cost of B2B is around 4k to 5k USD and B2C costs 1.5k to 3k USD. Well, this is just an estimated cost as I have already mentioned above that, the price may vary depending on various factors.

But, before you hire a travel portal development company, you need to consider a few things to get the best result out from the technology.

The website development cost is something that may create havoc among young entrepreneurs, as many companies ask you for huge sum of money unnecessarily. So, while hiring a company to get your travel portal, you must consider a few things:

·  Quality of service determines the cost accurately. Ask for a demo from the company to get a clear insight into your probable website. Look out for their previous projects and analyze how much their projects are convenient in compare to the latest market.

·   Depends on whether you should go for GDS or API, as GDS comes at a higher price in compare to API. But GDS is more convenient system that tends to work better and connects you with the largest inventory of flights, hotel etc. and if you don’t want to bear extra expenses, API is the best suitable system for you.

·   Security of your online booking engine is a must. To ensure the security, the company must provide you with multi-layered verification system to avoid any mischievous act in your website.

·   Well-integration with dynamic features is a must part to allure your clients. Make sure that the structure of the website is maintained well while developing it.

·   The website must be device-friendly and has the ability to respond instantly in any device at any time.

So, these are the factors that play an effective role in developing a website. The cost depends on the services your travel technology provider provides you, hence you must opt for the best company to get value added service from them.

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