Travel and tourism is a broad industry that is made of numerous components, such as: travel agencies, insurance companies, hotels, eateries, travel portal developers, travel API providers and so on.  Modern travelers demand all of the travel services always in one single place. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the vitality of mobile devices in travel industry. Mobile helps them book a travel service even when they are away from the PCs and unable to be physically present in the office of a travel agency.  In short, travelers want to search and book travel services instantly in this fast-paced world. This is the reason why travel apps are shining these days.

As per a survey conducted by Worldpay on ten global markets- the United Kingdom,  the United States, India, Australia,  Russia, China, Japan,  Germany, and South Korea, 68% of mobile shoppers have stated they used a mobile app for their last purchase. In most of the cases, these people prefer mobile apps more than the travel apps. But on average, they might have only one or two apps on their phone. So, it is clear how tough the competition is. Don’t worry! This article will guide you to develop an effective mobile app using travel API integration.

Before delving into the detail, let’s check out how a travel app can help you establish a new landmark in the digital landscape:

- In 2009, the total number of downloads of apps was 2.5 billion

- In 2011, the number touched a magic figure of 3.1 billion

- In 2017, the number exceeded 7 billion

The smartphones have almost replaced the laptops and the PCs in the field of online shopping. Therefore, the advantage that your travel agency can reap from mobile apps is obvious. It will energize your sales, enhance the quality of your services, and establish the customer loyalty.

What your mobile travel apps should include:

         Google and Apple maps

         Travel planner

         A feature of detecting nearby WIFI hotspots

         Instant flight and hotel ticket booking at anytime, anywhere

Travel API Integration

If you are trying to launch a mobile app to provide the user with a convenient user experience, then you should find a trusted travel API provider and partner with them. Whenever you integrate a travel API into your mobile app, your potential clients across the globe will have the opportunities of booking the airline services, hotel rooms, or other similar services from a single menu. 

A Final Takeaway

Travel mobile apps open up a number of possibilities to help your business grow. If you can make an amazing mobile app with travel API integration and get in touch with your target audience, your business will be in a win-win situation.

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