This is an era of progressive technology, that’s why it has been called a digital era. Technology is ruling every sphere of human life and every sector in the commercial industry. Travel and tourism industry is no exception. The travel industry is also adopting technology to ride over the increasing competition.  In fact, technology has become an integral part of the travel agencies to help them survive in this highly competitive marketplace. You might be curious to know what the technology has brought for travel agencies. Well, technology has blessed travel industry with travel portal development software. This is an automated way of handling your online travel agency.

To reap the maximum benefits of technology, you need to integrate your portal with GDS API integration (Global Distribution System). Often people think that it would be a costly affair. But, this is not the truth all the time. You can get a cost-effective travel portal with GDS integration if you know the ways to integrate the travel portal software.

Let’s explore how to develop travel software with GDS API integration:

Association with Suppliers

You need to enable your online travel agency to access the inventory of the suppliers, such as the inventory of airline service providers, hotels, and other rental services. You should also access their holiday deals to open those options to your customers. If you want access to the inventory of multiple travel service providers, you need to integrate your travel portal with multiple GDSs.

Association with Aggregators

Aggregators can provide you with consolidated data from multiple resources of different service providers. In this way, you can get highly competitive rates for your online travel agency.

Use of SaaS Platform

If you want to promote your travel agency in a short time, it would be a wise decision for you to choose only Software as a Service or SaaS cloud-based travel platforms. Cloud-based platforms can help you launch your travel site within a few seconds. You can operate this platform both in B2B and B2C mode.

Now, let’s head towards our next discussion- how to manage the cost of travel portal integrations:

How to Manage the Cost of Travel Portal with GDS API Integration

Before starting the development of a travel portal, you should be clear about the expenses you need to spend on setting up a portal. For an online travel agency, you will require a travel booking engine on your homepage. Whenever someone visits the portal, this engine gets connected with GDS API to display the real-time data on the front-end. The cost of a travel site with GDS API integration depends on several factors. Listed below are some of these important factors that should be taken into consideration:

Choice of Travel-Commerce Platform

The overall cost of travel software with API integration depends on your choice of travel-commerce platforms to some extent. Multiple flight booking engines, hotel reservation systems, and other services are available for you. You should know the cost of each individual service before selecting one. First of all, consider which services you need for your travel agency if you are not covering every possible travel-related service, and then choose only those ones that you will provide. For instance, if your travel portal is designed to deal only with airline services, then you need to integrate only flight booking API.

Types of GDS API Integration

There are various types of GDS APIs. The three most popular ones are- Amadeus API integration, Galileo API integration, and Sabre API integration. Each of these three types has individual features, specification, and pricing. You should learn about each of these GDSs to determine which will be the most suitable one for your business. You should also compare the pricing to get a cost-effective GDS API Integration.

A Final Takeaway

The cost of travel portal development with GDS API integration depends on how the integration is being done. If you want to be associated with all the travel-related service providers and adopt SaaS platforms, your cost will be a bit higher. In this context, it is important to note that you can find a decrease in the time to promote your online travel agency. So, keep a careful eye on the market and try to invest in a travel portal development with GDS API integration when there is a decrease in the market.

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