How To Make Travel Portal Development Appealing To Engage More Customers?

How To Make Travel Portal Development Appealing To Engage More Customers?

Travel agents across the world are trying to mobilize innovative and affordable solutions to maximize the usage of advanced technology for promoting their services. Hence, travel portal development has become a buzzword in the travel industry nowadays. Only a few companies can be found to develop travel portal internally with the help of their in-house developers while most of the companies prefer to outsource their travel portal development requirements from third-party travel portal development companies.

Travel portal software is a precise web-based online booking system which is meant for addressing all the requirements of the travel industry. Travel portal development companies offer services including consultation, development, and maintenance of B2B, B2C travel portal, and API integration used for flight booking, hotel booking, bus/car booking, and travel packages.

Listed below are some salient features of travel portal development:

International & Domestic Flight Booking

When a travel portal is linked to a specific flight reservation process via an API that will garner information about the online inventory of air tickets from backend and publish the important details on the application’s front-end.  Whenever someone is selecting a result, it redirects him/her to the linked payment gateway in order to complete the booking process.

Hotel Booking

Travel portals can arrange searches for hotels from their own inventory. The portals powered by specific API will show available hotels at an affordable price. Whenever the customers select a hotel, the API redirects them to the payment gateway for further processing.

Bus/Car Booking

The API provides and shows the best possible options based on customers’ searches in a specific city. Once the city is selected, the client will be redirected to the payment gateway.

Best Holiday Deals

Reputed travel portal development companies attempt at designing CMS-driven international and domestic packages as per the users’ requirements.

Foreign Exchange

Most popular travel portals introduce an admin module that can display the current foreign exchange rates of currencies to guide the customers in making the right purchase decision.

Integration of Payment

Online payment has become easy with credit cards or any other payment gateways. Therefore, integration of a payment gateway can enable travelers to make the payment instantly without any hassle.

SMS Gateway

SMS gateways help the travel agents send SMS to the end-users to inform that the booking is confirmed.

How to Design the Most-Effective Travel Portal?

An experienced travel portal development company can never miss these elements while designing a travel portal:

Responsive Web Design

In this digital era, most of the customers prefer to browse websites on their mobile devices to make a reservation. So, every travel portal development company should take special care of the user experience. A perfect travel portal should always be easy to navigate while using a mobile.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM makes it sure that the portal appears on the top travel search engines. SEM improves the visibility with the help of organic and advertised links present on Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

CTA Buttons

Like any other web portal, travels portals are also meant for lead generation. Therefore, it is really crucial to a travel portal to place call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the proper spaces of the portal.

Content Management

Content should be arranged in a logical and impressive way. Short, crispy, and relevant content helps a lot in engaging travelers. Moreover, content management should be user-friendly and visually impressive.

Promotional Deals

An ideal travel portal should highlight the best deals or promotional offers. These promotional offers can increase their traffic. Many travelers plan their holiday at a time when travel portals are flooded with lucrative discounts. Even some travelers plan their trip in the offseason when the packages are really reasonable.

Big Data Analytics

In the development phase, the travel portal development companies must consider customer insight, after all the portal is designed for them. Customer insight can be gathered only from big data analytics. Big data analytics help the developers understand the customers’ choices and tendencies, and this exact understanding enables the travel portal developers to offer customized solutions and better user experience.

A Final Takeaway

Travel portal development would not be a terrible task if the aforementioned facts are considered and implemented properly.

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