Due to the technological revolution, travel has become more comfortable and easy.  With the rising technology and traveling tendency, the need of online travel portal in India is also increasing. Modern people want to deal with everything through Smartphone. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to start their own travel agency must consider online travel agency or OTA. If you are one of these aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build a travel business, you have come to the right place. This article is going to discuss certain important aspects that you need to know before starting your venture.

Let’s Start!

Travel and tourism industry has been changed a lot. The role of travel agencies is now not limited to informing the customers about the availability of the flights, the schedules, and the commission. Now the online travel agencies enable the travelers to book their tickets online. That’s why all the startups are looking for OTA model. These online travel portals are opening new doors of possibility leading the travel agencies to a huge profit. The customers are allowed to tailor their package tours, flight ticket booking, accommodation booking, and holiday packages as per their requirements. Travel agents are allowed to work on their own or other agencies. Even you can specialize in corporate trips, pilgrimage, leisure travel or any other niche ones. You can pick a sector of your choice to build your own travel portal in India and utilize your expertise.

First of all, you should consider what best you are able to offer- best hotels in a particular geography, top sightseeing services, or transfer tours. You can offer personalized services as well. It establishes your credibility before your customers and they will feel more secure while traveling with your arrangements.

Apart from the facts discussed above, you need to take care of a few more things such as:

First of all, conduct a thorough research on the popular travel portals in India, the best travel portal development company, the developmental process, and required time.

Next, you should compare the travel portal development cost of various companies and select your travel technology provider.

. Register the name of your travel agency to gain license according to your local laws.

. Take membership in IATA or other travel organization of repute.

. Study the travel industry carefully.

. Try to give maximum publicity to your new online firm.

. Come up with appealing offers, and deals keeping the local geography in your mind.

A Final Takeaway

These tips no doubt will help you start an online business without any hassle. Don’t forget to pay your attention to the details (even the small ones) regarding the travel services you are offering. One thing you should always keep in your mind- the travel portal development should be simple, and the portal should be easily accessible because customers always prefer an online business that offers super user experience. Once you gain some foothold, you should consider the thought of expansion. In order to expand, you can add more travel-related services. Above all, it is important for the new travel agents to offer good services to make a place in the industry.

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