With the help of XML the communication framework that makes the competitive and over-crowded world of buying and selling travel products made possible among various distribution channels. It helps the travel product suppliers to sell their services to travel agencies and travel agencies distribute it among the end-customers. Whether it is the largest inventory of flights and hotels or train and rental cars from different locations across the globe, Extensible Mark-up Language or XML conveys the information in various systems involved in the underlying supply chain. The ability to represent a complete travel itinerary can be made possible only because of XML Integration. The whole travel industry is complex and fragmented web of distribution channels.

Today’s traveler wants to get spoiled by the wide array of choices while planning for a trip. They need someone to provide them with the perfect travel itinerary of their choice without any difficulty. XML technology plays the role of the intermediary between different systems of the supply chain across different sectors in real-time. It strengthens the system of travel suppliers and helps to connect multiple systems that were previously functioning quite separately.

XML API integration allows:

- Centralize inventory management

- Increase distribution channels

- Personal savings


- It helps in quick development and easy maintenance of the project as inventory/information data is managed by the API owner

- It benefits the branding and marketing related initiatives and hides the information about the actual provider whose system is accessed to fetch the data

- Multiple API can be integrated into a single software to bring the better inventory

Since prices and availability are variable, travel agencies are continuously enhancing their supplier base by regularly integrating new features to keep pace with the market demand. A well-developed XML enables travel brands with all the associated parties, to retain control over the data they are sharing with partners. It has transformed the way the travel portal business once used to run.

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