If you are in travel business, you might be thinking about approaching innovative strategies to amplify your business periphery and provide maximum exposure to your clients. As a travel agent, it is your prime responsibility to get access to a significant amount of resources so that your agency becomes a reliable organization for the travelers. Millennial travelers have different needs and to pacify these ever changing needs, you must build up a robust distributive channel that can cater the demands of your clients.

Nowadays, travel agencies are going online and showing keen interest to utilize innovative technologies to enhance their business growth. Even modern travelers are now booking their travel services from online reservation system as it is one of the most efficient and convenient ways of booking their travel itinerary. Travel agencies are investing on web-based channel that empowers them to be independent and connect them with the largest travel service suppliers like major global airlines, worldwide hotel inventory, car, bus and cruise service and many more. When you decide to go global, it becomes a necessity to collaborate with the worldwide travel service providers so that you can meet the needs of your clients who are looking for a service for each destination.

Travel industry has been facing challenges due to the ever changing demands, frequently changing travel costs, sales and profit management and many such activities. The B2C white label solution helps online booking engine display the entire travel related search services at single platform so that the travelers can find everything under one vend.

Features of B2C travel portal are as follows:

·         Booking engines for flights, hotels, holiday package etc.

·         Dynamic packaging implementation

·         Integrated multiple payment gateways

·         Third party API integration service

·         Log-in facility to clients

·         Profile management

·         Multiple API suppliers

·         Mark-up management

Increase credibility

When customers get to read the reviews of your services, it makes them trust you and further make them buy your services. Travelers are clever and compare several travel websites by reading the reviews and rating, finally decides to book the services from the best distributor.

Enhance online booking sales

There is no denying the universal fact (of course it has become a universal truth) that millennial travelers search and book their required services through online booking engine. If they find you reliable, it will definitely increase your sales thus scaling up your business revenue.


·         Increase direct booking through your website

·         Automatically notifies the client about any changes, improvement, price change and other such activities

·         Notifies the client on booking confirmation via Email and SMS

·         Multi language back office

·         Full integration with mobile friendly websites and app

·         Guest log in for booking and management of personal data

·         Simple user-friendly interface

·         Dynamic management of prices and availability

·         History of bookings per guest

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or having a travel agency around the corner or a home-based travel agent, B2C White Label Travel Website is the only solution that assures you to enhance your business realm and generates the sales.

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