The recent years of development has provided India with few of the good roads. Even if the rail and air networks in India are in a good condition today but most of the travellers prefer to commute their journeys through buses and there is definitely no doubt in this. The ease in booking tickets and the higher reachablity has made buses the best way of commute. Hence, for the travel agents ignoring bus booking in their services is never ever a great deal.

In this article, I am going to tell you the significance of bus booking and why bus API is required for the travel agents. If you have been ignoring this software solution in your portal then this is the time to think over it.

Easy Tickets Printing: The bus API provides the ease in printing the tickets. The API supports the travel agents to print the tickets so that the traveller may get benefitted by the same.

Track Of Daily Bookings: It gives ease in tracking the daily ticket bookings and hence supports to make daily reports for the travel agents.

View Of  Booking History: Agent hence can very easily view the booking history, hence he can track a record of every booking.

Ticket Cancellation: With this API solution ticket cancellation is also very easy and convenient for both the agents and users.

Reports: Creating daily and monthly reports is also easy with this API solution.

Dynamic Packaging: Customized travel packages are in the demand of travellers and even for bus booking they would prefer for the same. It gives ease in dynamic packaging.

Custom Promo Code: customers are always looking for deals and discounts. This solution gives the travel agent for generating promo code easily.

PNR Generation: The PNR for the journey can be easily generated by the same.

Trip Reports: For all the trips generating reports is easy with this very helpful software solution.

Multiple Payment Gateways: Multiple payment gateways are created by this travel portal solution therefore the users can very easily book tickets.

There is no doubt in this that Bus API helps in providing improved customer services. This technology helps the travel agents to experiment with the things and hence can very easily add or subtract any services or packages from their travel portal. If you also want the same then you should always contact a trustworthy travel portal solution company for the same. 

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