The most prominent feature of Amadeus API, is its great stability and flexibility. It plays the most vital role in for travel industry since the industry frequently changes and develops according to the current market demand. Amadeus is among the major distributor of GDS or Global Distribution System. GDS was initially aimed at improving airline reservation system, but now it has touched all the periphery of travel booking system which ranges from booking hotels, bus, train, car, cruise etc. To accommodate people with different preferences wasn’t an easy task few years ago. But with the latest travel technology solution, it was made possible to provide people with the best travel experience with minimum effort.

The significant benefits are:                                               

- Control on live inventory

- Real time pricing

- Easy connectivity

- Automatic content update

- Multiple channels for distribution and utilization

Amadeus web services integration enables you to build customizable applications with stable and secure access to the GDS content range. The development of stable and efficient application is facilitated by robust programming environment. It also shortens development timeline and reduces the cost. It requires minimal maintenance effort for the customer through greater flexibility and stability of the interface to Amadeus system. It responses quickly to customer’s need and functional requirement, thus making it to be the most beneficial tool for the growth of a travel service provider.

With Amadeus GDS API Integration on travel website, booking of ancillary service is made easier with automation booking format with a single transaction that allows performing book and price check at the same time by reducing time and effort.

The features of flight reservation system:

- Search for both one way and round way flights

- Search for flights by city or airport

- Search flight fares

- Book or cancel airline tickets

- Detail search by departure/arrival time, flexible dates, airlines, class, direct flights

- Filter flight search results by price, time and date, airlines, flight duration, number of halts

- Use frequent flyer program (FFP)

- Search for air ticket order by No, tourist name, air carrier

Features of Amadeus hotels XML API Integration:

- Search for hotels by city, location, category, hotel name, dates of stay and price

- Number of rooms and tourists

- View detailed hotel descriptions

- View price breakdown per day book hotels

- Send order comments to the supplier

- Manage hotel bookings or cancel bookings

Amadeus U API Integration has brought a revolution in the travel industry. It provides the most effective search results instantly to the user, due to which it takes less effort in the online booking system. If you are not willing to use off-the-shelf solution and prefer to develop your own travel products, then Travel Portal Solution’s Amadeus GDS API Integration is for you. Once you utilize it, you don’t need to wait longer to prosper in the industry.

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