Payment gateway is a process, where the payment has been made via online transactions when purchasing an online product. In recent years, we have seen, people are diverting to online mode of purchasing all products, whether it’s household goods, foods, fashionable items or buying travel services. When everything is running online, people are in support of cashless transactions. Whenever a payment has to be made, they prefer credit/debit or such kind of payment options for better transparency and convenience. It creates an effective communication between the customer and the organization, from where the clients had purchased the product.

It’s been more than a decade that the travel industry has gone online. When the online travel agencies are selling their products online, it is equally necessary for them to provide an online payment gateway for their customers. When looking for a travel portal development company, who can build your dream business online with all the necessary features, you should keep a few things in mind about the payment gateways-

- Dedicated support system is a must. Your travel technology provider should be 24*7 available, so that the payment gateway runs continuously. If your payment gateway stops working even for a few minutes, you will lose a lot of customers.

- You should ask your technology partner, whether they support widely used payment options or not. From credit/debit card of various banks, PayPal to net banking, you have to consider a lot of things.

- Transaction success rate plays a vital role in scaling-up your business. So, you have to see whether the payment gateway easily integrates into your present website or you have to make major changes for the same.

- Purchasing payment gateway integration is a big amount and so it is recommended, before approaching anyone, compare the prices along with the reviews and their previous projects to not get fooled.

Travel portal solution is partnered with PayPal, ICICI Bank, American Express and many more reputed and internationally recognized financial organization. The payment gateway integration of our company is effective as we provide multiple payment options for your customer, so that they don’t need to come out from their comfort zone.

We understand the concern of you and your clients regarding the security while making an online transaction. We provide highly secured link on the payment gateway section. To avoid the misuse of bank cards or any illegal activity, the number of the cards are checked for variation and after verifying the OTP, the payment is credited into the account of the beneficiary. Our multi-layered safety check is highly secure and you and your clients don’t have to face any security breaching in this aspect.

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