With the evolution of GDS, travel industry is growing more faster than ever. GDS is a computerized network system operated by a company that enables transaction between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel agents. GDS mainly uses real-time inventory of flight fares, availability of hotel rooms etc to direct it to the travel agencies. Among the other GDS, Amadeus has emerged as the most preferred by OTAs around the world to make online bookings with the largest inventory of hotels, airlines etc.

Global travel management companies are utilizing the services of Amadeus to access online travel contents. It processes the highest number of transactions on a daily basis. It provides with new solutions and powerful applications which efficiently caters to the up-growing requirements of travel agencies. Amadeus u API Integration enhances profit, identify new revenues from different channels and maximize cross and up-scaling opportunities and take advantage of online channels.

The significant benefits of Amadeus GDS API Integration on travel website are:

- Easy connectivity

- Real-time pricing

- Control on live inventory

- Automatic content update

- Easy connectivity

- Multiple channels for distribution and utilization

- It shortens development timeline, saving your money

If you are not willing to use off-the-shelf solution and prefer to develop your own products, then Amadeus is designed for you. The significant feature of it is the great flexibility and stability of the interface. Amadeus software includes Amadeus airline reservation system for flight booking, Amadeus hotel booking system for accommodation and many more.

Key features of Amadeus are:

- Flight, bus API Integration for both international and domestic level

- Holiday package management

- Agent registration

- Sales report

- Hotel booking CRM

- Addition of fund or e-wallets

- SMS API Integration

- Chat API Integration

- Quick view booking

- Discount coupon for agents

- Booking management module

- Trip advisor plug-in integration

- Multiple payment gateway integration

- Agent and customer log in

- Mark-up management module

- Discount management module

- User management module

The real purpose of Amadeus is to fulfill the requirements of modern travelers. It ensures quality deliverables and speedy turnaround to deliver scalable travel portals and booking engines.

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