If you are an online travel agency, you can’t be unaware of XML integration. It is a connector that functions as a “translator”and connects the travel agencies with their customers. With this integration,XML allows several compatible formats or programming languages. A travel portal requires to display item data, choices, and booking shapes in HTML and uses XML as a markup dialect to pass on the solicitations and answers all over the frameworks regarding the basic store network.

In the simplest terms, XML is a medium of writing messages and sending data to other devices and it can enable different devices to interact. How would the process proceed further? Let’s have a look at the workflow:

  • Users come to your travel and search for travel service they need.

  • Your portal creates an XML message and sends it to the travel services like airlines and hotels requesting results as per the users’ search.

  • The services, in turn, use an XML response to offer you the relevant search results including all the detailed information about price, availability etc.

The users pick and book the most suitable option as per their requirements. Then, your portal again sends an XML message to the services along with a list containing the customers’ details. After receiving this message, that particular service provider books the requested service and reverts back with booking confirmation and booking details. XML integration helps to centralize the entire inventory management, increases distribution channels, and takes special care of personal savings.

What is API XML Integration?

Application Programming Interface or API is a series of web services that can be used via hypertext transfer protocol and execute a remote system to host the requested services. When API integration is done through XML connectivity, then it is called API XML Integration. This XML Integration has multiple benefits. Let’s have a quick glimpse of the benefits.

Benefits of API XML Integration for Travel Portals:

-Helps to Develop and Maintain Inventory.

-Takes care of branding and marketing related initiatives as it conceals the information about actual API provider which is the source of all the essential data.

-Multiple API data can be integrated into only one web-based system to offer the end users a better inventory.

A Final Takeaway

API  XML integration not only makes your travel business technically stronger but also helps you establish loyalty and a brand value. If you want your business rule the travel industry, you must consider a reliable provider who can assure an effective API  XML integration for your business.

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