Modern travel agencies are going online by integrating a travel reservation system, where a traveler can get the contents of his choice and requirements. Due to the ease of booking and instant results, millennial travelers prefer buying products from an online reservation system.  People utilize the online travel booking engine, which has gotten effective yield capability to serve their customers with their flight booking engine. Travel firms are incomplete without flight reservation system. Getting access to the largest airline inventory system is complex in terms of license, regional limits, prices and fares. To receive real-time data of a huge industry spreading worldwide is undoubtedly a crucial task and to solve this issue, travel technology had innovated the GDS or Global Distribution System that proclaims the credibility of providing an easy access to the real-time data of airline industry.

Though, initially GDS was introduced for the airline industry but later the diaspora has been expanded and now it helps OTAs aggregating information of global travel ingredients. When it comes to flight reservation engine, a travel agent must keep one thing in mind that there is both frequent and first time user and then there are those, who are price sensitive. The demand varies from person to person and to cater to the needs, OTAs must consider developing a web-based network to connect with the largest inventory of airlines. It gives them the liability to get access to the live streaming of availability, price, discounts and other amenities.

Airlines reservation system is an online booking platform that is connected with GDS including Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, which consolidates the data from airlines. By using GDS Integration Solution, OTAs can provide better inventory with rates to end customers as many airlines will be serving the same route at the same time. Airline reservation system is dealing with both B2B and B2C corporate and white label module today. The key parameters are:

·     Inventory management

·     Availability display and reservation

·     Fare quote and ticketing

The advantages of GDS system are:

Easy connectivity

It helps travel agency to initiate the detailed information of several airlines to different customers having variation in choices instantly and conveniently. The integration is quite easy as it can be integrated into the website in form of API to get their booking system operational for end users.

Round the clock booking operation worldwide

People book services according to their will and convenience. So, your system must be functional 24*7*365, so that the booking operation doesn’t have to halt at any point. To have smooth run of your engine, it is better to hire a travel portal development company that has professional technical support team.

Broadening market reach

GDS system is used to amplify the market reach. A single GDS system is connected through several B2B, B2C, B2B2C websites. It is very important for the travel agency to outreach the customers and GDS integration gives you exposure to expand your business.

Nowadays, multiple travel agencies are hiring digital platform to proliferate the dimension of their business. GDS API Integration makes travel contents accessible to the online travel agents.

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