OTAs spell convenience for travelers, as almost 80% of millennial travelers prefer booking travel and accommodation facilities from one single point of access, which can be obtained through a travel website and mobile app. Within a few decades, travel industry has undergone a tremendous transformation and travel technology solution is ultimately behind the proliferation and growing popularity of the industry. The more new innovative, convenient, easy to use and effective technologies are coming, travel industry is utilizing it to scale up their economic growth and proffer an amazing travel experience to the customers.

Looking at the rapid growing popularity of a robust and reliable online booking engine, travel agencies are hiring travel portal development company to get better online marketing of their service. It ensures online promotion of a travel business, where consumers can get a variety of options on travel service and it makes them purchase your products from your site. Online travel agencies are earning more profits due to the advancing technology that connects them with both major global airlines and low budget carriers, hotel inventory, bus service operators, car rental, train and cruise service from across the globe, so that the traveler can get each and everything he requires while traveling to somewhere. The best part of an online booking engine is, it is customizable and you can integrate new features into it according to the market demand.

Millennial travelers prefer booking travel services through online sites because it gives them the opportunity to create their own travel itinerary according to their wish.

Access to the vast range of travel products: An online booking site gives travelers access to the wide range of travel products and services, which includes both big and small budget airlines and hotels from across the world, bus, car rental, cruise and train, so that the customer can book anything according to his convenience and preference.

Real time data: Online booking sites for travel yields real-time data on availability of flights, hotels etc., fare, discounts, seat layout, mapping system to track the status and what not. It gives the user the ability to compare price among several flights and hotel from across the globe, so that they can purchase according to their budget.

Easy navigation: A website add clear navigation tool, so that user can locate the feature they need from anywhere on the site.

Easy to change or update status of booking: Online booking engines are quite convenient to book a travel itinerary. In case, the buyer needs to change or update his booked products, he can cancel or reschedule the whole itinerary, without any difficulty and refunds will be made within a few working days, if the buyer had paid through online transactions.

OTAs offer travel agents the opportunity to market their business smoothly and along with that it empowers the travelers to select and book and purchase his needs instantly. Travel technology providers are developing innovative booking engines to make traveling more comfortable for the users.

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