The travel industry is burgeoning at a lightning speed and this augmentation will not stop till eternity. Since traveling is considered to be a task that won’t ever fade away, so more innovative technology will come to the forefront and the industry will undergo a huge transformation for the better and by integrating new techniques, the industry will only make traveling more convenient for the travelers. Technology has taken the charge to implement more ways to provide exposure to the industry, so that it can encourage travel agents to utilize more convenient options to further bring more customers, thus ultimately making the industry as one of the most versatile E-commerce sectors of the present era. Within a few decade technology has transformed the pace of traveling and now a traveler can plan and create his travel itinerary with the help of an online booking engine. It empowers them to get in-depth information on global travel contents. The availability of flights, prices of several flights of various airlines, connecting routes, time of departure and arrival, you can get all information within a blink of an eye.

Sabre GDS API Integration builds travel applications by providing comprehensive end to end services to the developers. It connects you with more than 4,25,000 travel agents from all around the globe. Apart from technology, the travel industry provides a platform for the travel aggregators and travel suppliers. This platform encourages them to collaborate with each other to take the travel business to the next level, which is both effective and sustainable. The introduction of GDS is regarded as a boon to the travel industry, as it opened up a huge exposure to the industry to cater big data from airline industry. It equally distributes the travel contents, so that travelers as well as travel agents can be benefitted.

It offers basic module features mentioned below:

·         Flight reservation system

·         Hotel booking system

·         Car reservation system

·         Train reservation system

·         Cruise reservation system

Advantages of integrating Sabre are as follows:

·         Extensive series of air/car/train/bus/hotel/PNR/other services to access Sabre content

·         Reduce development costs and streamline development process

·         Provides single point of access

·         Uses CML. SOAP and travel industry standards

·         Uses event notification services, minimize mid-office robotic polling and can reduce scan volumes

·         Allows you to integrate any web service enabled functionality in your own customized applications

It is an efficient and cost effective distribution channel that helps airlines, hotels, cars to increase their market reach. Sabre API integration is used by 400 airlines, 1,75,000 hotels, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers, 40 car rental outlets and 17 cruise lines.

Going digital is the latest trend and travel agency are doing the same to promote their business in a broader market. The industry will not fade away and to survive in such a competitive market, upgrading the existed system on the basis of the latest market demands and trends will be something to look out in future. Sabre has more detailed APIs division, including categories like profiles, trip and session management and utilities.

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