No one can deny how technology has contributed to the proliferation of the travel industry. The industry is burgeoning rapidly and millennial travelers have witnessed this prodigious transformation within a few decades. To understand it better, let’s take an example. Earlier, a traveler had to make an appointment with the travel agent to book a flight, bus, train or other services of conveyance. In case of lodging, people have to personally visit the hotel and book it or call them personally to reserve room for you. But now the time has changed and travelers can book travel contents instantly sitting at home from their smartphone. Modern OTAs or online travel agencies are spoiling the travelers by providing them multifarious options on travel services and travel service suppliers so that they can book service as per their requirements and convenience. Earlier, the services were limited and customers had to pay a hefty amount of money as a commission to the travel agencies. With the advancement of technology, the travel industry is upgrading itself to be more efficient and reliable and is integrating more and more features to provide all round services to the travelers. With an unshakable, concentrated distribution channel, travel agent aggregates the services provided by the travel suppliers and distribute it among the end-consumers. The services are no longer limited to only booking for a particular place and specific flight or bus or train, rather with the implementation of travel technology solution, the only booking software of each travel agency is getting access to the largest inventory of aviation industry, global hotel industry, bus service, car rental service, railway sector and a complete holiday package that includes the whole travel itinerary.

The travel industry doesn’t just consist of travel agents and travelers. The industry is huge and many companies are associated with the industry providing services to each other to have sustainable growth. There are travel content suppliers like- airlines, hotels, bus operators, cruise or car rental companies, travel agencies that aggregate the services from suppliers and later deliver it in order to sale among the consumers and travel portal development companies, which builds a robust platform for the agencies and suppliers, so that they can supply and consolidate data through a web-based channel.

Travel agencies are hiring an online travel booking system that enables them to execute task instantly and in a more efficient way. These software or booking engines are designed in a way that the control stays in the hands of the travelers so that they can pick up the preferred travel itinerary from the web-based channel that provides them with the widest range of options to select. If the traveler wants to book a flight for a particular location, the portal should showcase the results instantly. The result must include several flights from several airlines connecting the route at various time, on the same day at different price. This helps traveler to book the flight of his choice instantly.

All these have been possible only because of the smart implementation of technology by the travel industry experts. Travel agencies along with their travel technology provider are working together to make booking experience more convenient. The job of a travel agency is no longer circumscribed by just only providing flight booking option, rather travel agencies have gone way too far than just giving services on conveyance. Whether you take lodging, or navigating a place or a perfect pre-defined holiday package, OTAs are always there to rescue us with any travel related issue. Travel technology providers can undoubtedly proclaim the credibility for the same, as they are the one behind the development of a reliable, robust and efficient online booking system.

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