Global Distribution System is not at all something new of something with which the travel portals are unaware. This is the time of tough competition and it can be spotted in every field and even in the travel industry. Everyone wants to be perfect from another so that it may attract more customers towards it. To bring every travel agent in the same level of competition the GDS integration in the travel industry came into force. Now, the big question here is that what actually is a GDS. It is a software solution that integrates all the travel related services available worldwide and brings them all to one place.


Coming to the technical definition of GDS then it comes as ‘the company operated network that monitors and enables the transaction between the travel services provides like the hotels, airlines and rental companies and the travel portals. If you want to understand the concept of GDS API Integration for the industry then defining it as the bridge that connects the travel service providers with the travel portals won’t be a wrong justification. Along with this it also monitors and enables the service exchange between the two, hence a very beneficial aid for both. Before the invasion of GDS in the travel industry the whole industry was scattered. 

The travel agents could only display the limited services at their website due to which they could not provide the best aid to the travellers. But, with this very prominent software services, things are changed now and now the travel portals can display the maximum services at their website and as a return of that, they can also get a great traffic at their website. Considering this, won’t be ever wrong that GDS API integration is the most helpful aid for the travel service providers and the travel portals both.

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